Starting your Retail business can be very daunting, it is also very challenging for those currently trading in the sector.  From local shops to international retailers, restaurants, hotels and bars to increasingly online retailers you can be sure that Alexander Myerson & Co Limited have the years of experience to share our knowledge and give your business the best possible chance to survive and thrive in these tough economic times.

We have acted as Accountants for Retailers locally and nationally ranging from a chain of over 100 shops to online businesses operating from home.  No matter the size, we have the experience to ultimately improve your business and increase your personal wealth.

We can assist with cash flows, budgets and forecasts which is vitally important to ensure future success and growth.  Having built up strong relationships with Financial Institutions such as banks we can assist with obtaining the funding for growth.

As Accountants to Retailers we understand how important it is to cut costs where necessary, striving to maximise profits and maintain healthy reserves. As part of our regular reviews we look to assist our clients with these exercises.

We offer all of the usual services such as preparation of accounts, audits, taxation services, payroll, vat and book-keeping.  However we are a pro-active firm of accountants to the Retail sector not just a compliance firm, therefore our strategies on your retail business will give financial and operational benefits to help your business be successful in this challenging climate.

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This may be achieved by increasing your sales volume, increasing your selling price or finding ways to reduce your cost of sales.

There are different Vat Schemes available, and indeed a Vat Scheme for Retailers.  Contact us for more information on how this works.

Your business could be franchised but first the question should be posed “Should I franchise?” and “How best am I to go about doing this successfully?”  We are happy to provide guidance and support through the process.

Careful consideration has to be taken over a number of areas for example tax and vat issues so you are aware of how this will affect your business.