One of the strengths that many of our Creative businesses have is that they take the time to get to know their customers as much as possible in order to deliver projects that really capture the imagination.  This is key when delivering a service and vision that is in sync with their clients.

At Alexander Myerson & Co Limited we share this common strength with our Creative clients.  In order to truly provide a first class service it is important that we take the time to get to know our clients, encourage their strengths and work with them on their weaknesses in order to get them where their vision wants to take them on a financial level.

We understand that this sector is very busy and demanding, constantly trying to please your clients.  We know that the work and ideas that you have is what you do best.  Therefore by leaving us to deal with areas such as book-keeping, Vat Returns, Preparation of Financial Statements and all aspects surrounding personal and corporate tax, this leaves you with more time to concentrate on improving your position within the marketplace.

Finding a reputable accountant who has vast experience in this area can be hard.  We are proud to have built up our reputation over the years and have enjoyed many successes working alongside up and coming local businesses and leading established companies.  It is this reputation that can give you confidence when choosing Alexander Myerson & Co Limited as your professional advisors.

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The flat rate scheme is a simplified way of looking after your Vat affairs.  The decision will usually be based on what industry you are in and what the nature of your purchases are.

Yes.  In order to qualify a company must have engaged in qualifying Research and Development activity and then satisfy a number of conditions.

The decision to be a sole trader/partnership or a Limited company is not just based on one factor such as tax.  There are many advantages and disadvantages when deciding what structure is best.  We are happy to go through all the pros and cons with you so that you can make an informed decision.