The Entrepreneur’s Accountant

As Liverpool has recently welcomed hundreds of Entrepreneurs to the Liverpool Loves Festival, with this year “Digital” being a major theme, the team at Alexander Myerson have been reflecting on our involvement with such talented and visionary individuals.

There are numerous reasons why Entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow are so important.  The creation of new businesses with new goods and services on offer can lead to increased employment.  These new businesses can also have a positive knock-on effect with associated industries and potentially creating new opportunities.  The government should indeed benefit from the increased Revenues in the form of HMRC collecting more taxes that they can then use to invest in how they see best.

So Entrepreneurship helps to drive the economy, leads to employment, increased revenues, and allows for creativity in that given sector. But, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are an Entrepreneur just yet…..

Lord Alan Sugar knows a thing or two about Entrepreneurs as we have seen in recent years whether it be on television or in the press.  “An entrepreneur is not an occupation.  It is not what you call yourself, it is what someone calls you in recognition of what you have achieved”.

Alan Sugar

So what are the attributes and characteristics of an Entrepreneur in the eyes of those who would recognise you as such?  Well there are many attributes and qualities that should help you along the way.


Successful Entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals, hard work is second nature to them, and they are always looking forward for ways to improve and increase their market share.

Selling Skills

Great Entrepreneurs believe in their product or service and also have the ability to make others believe in what they are selling to them.  They will go out looking for opportunities to open those doors to push their business forward.


Many successful Entrepreneurs claim to have had the vision of where their business would be and years later they arrived in that very place.  Through many factors such as Determination, Business Acumen and Decisive Decision Making an Entrepreneur can make that Vision come true.

There are many more characteristics that an Entrepreneur will have.  When an Entrepreneur chooses their Accountant they also look for similar qualities that they see in themselves.

We have a very driven, motivated, forward thinking and dynamic team at Alexander Myerson.  Over the many years we have been in business we have been praised as an important part of our clients’ success story.  The staff may have changed over the last 80 years we have been in practice but what we look for in creating our team has not.

Whether it be helping to secure that all important start up finance package, advising and supporting through the Growth and Expansion stage, through to Maturity and possibly developing an Exit Strategy, the team will be with you every step of the way helping you to achieve your dream and vision but on a financially secure footing.

So as this new batch of potential Entrepreneurs reflect on the Liverpool Loves Festival and put into practice those snippets of advice gained on how they can be successful, maybe one of the most important pieces of advice they will take away is to make sure they have the right Accountant on board with them.

Whether they are at the start of their journey, or well on their way, an Entrepreneur’s accountant is valued as an important cog in their wheel in arriving at their visionary destination.