logoAt Alexander Myerson & Co Limited we take pride in our excellent reputation that we have built up as specialist Dental Accountants for dental associates, principals, partnerships, dental therapists, hygienists and limited companies. This is reflected in our highly sought after membership of NASDAL—( National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers ).  Membership ensures that we are in touch with other specialist accountants up and down the country, ensuring our knowledge of dental practices is kept up to date to guarantee the best possible service on offer to our clients.

With over 30 years experience dealing with dentists of all types you can rest easily knowing that your affairs will be in safe hands.

Our reputation in being specialists in acting for dentists is reflected in the fact that although we act for a large number of local dentists, we also act for many dentists nationwide. A lot of new dentists that we act for have been passed our name by existing satisfied dentists and we take pride in getting to know our clients as much as possible so that we can provide a pro-active service to meet our clients needs and indeed improve their business.

As well as preparing accounts and dealing with the tax affairs of dentists, whether they be sole traders, partnerships or limited companies, we also have dedicated departments dealing with payroll for directors and employees, a book-keeping department to ensure records are kept in line with legislation, and of course a statutory department dealing with the corporate affairs for limited companies.

It is our priority to use our expertise as specialist Accountants for Dentists to ensure that we look after all of your financial needs leaving you more time to deal with what you are experts at which is dealing with your patients teeth and oral health.

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This is possible; it may not always be the best option.  Contact us for more information and advice.

Yes, if used in the course of your business.

In most circumstances Dentists will not be required to register, however advice should be sought to ensure that this is applicable for your business.

National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers.  We are a member of this specialist group, being the only current member at the time of writing in Merseyside.