Charities and Not-For-Profit

The economic climate in recent times has undoubtedly had an impact on many Charities and Not-For-Profit organisations.  We understand how every penny really does count. We are Specialist Accountants for Charities and are very proud of the relationships that we have built up over the years to support these organisations.  In a way, we feel we are part of the Charitable team as it is our goal to ensure that we provide assistance in helping organisations to maximise their income whilst providing support to then manage their finances and successfully deliver their aims and objectives.

2015 sees the introduction of the new Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) replacing the previous SORP which remained in existence for ten years.  Educating our clients on the impact of the changes has ensured that there are no unexpected surprises that our clients could face within the regulatory framework.

We at Alexander Myerson & Co Limited have the specialist knowledge required to look after all of your needs.  Members of our team have gained an insight into how charities operate through past employment with such organisations therefore we have a unique advantage in understanding scenarios from the charities point of view and then providing advice from our professional point of view.

Our knowledge of Charity Reporting is second to none.  Whether it be conducting Statutory Audits, providing Independent Examinations, or Claiming Gift Aid on behalf of our clients we will provide the right level of support to ensure that you remain compliant and have the opportunity to prosper.

All of this ensures that when it comes to appointing your Professional Advisor for your Charity or Not-For-Profit organisation, Alexander Myerson & Co Limited will ensure that you are in safe hands for now and for the future.

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This will depend on your annual income (and in some cases the value of your assets).  Limits do get changed therefore it is important to check what is in place when the time comes.

Potentially!  Whilst there are a number of tax and vat reliefs available it is a common myth that charities do not have to pay taxes.

Your charity is trading if it sells goods or services to customers.  Contact us to find out if there are any tax and vat implications and what reliefs are currently available.